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How Group Leaders Travel FREE!!
Here are the most common questions and answers on how you as a group leader can travel for free.
How many free trips can I get?

Trips are priced differently. Normally, tours include 1 free trip earned for each 20 fully paying passengers. If you need more free trips, such as 1-free-for-15 or 1-free-for-10, just let us know and we can calculate your quotation accordingly. You can give the ‘free’ trips to other clergy who can help you promote the tour by getting more pilgrims - or ‘sell’ the free trip(s) as fundraising for the church. Ask us how.

Does everyone know I am traveling for free?

No. The terms of your arrangement with Trinity World Tours are strictly confidential.

What is the minimum number of people I have to get even to make the trip possible?

Most groups require a minimum of 20 paying passengers for a customized, private tour - meaning you have your own bus and your own guide. Price varies according to group size, and your price will be lower if you can produce up to 40 paying passengers. If you can’t get that many people yourself, consider teaming up with a neighboring church, and you all travel together on a lower-priced trip.

What is my primary responsibility as a ‘Group Leader?’

As a group leader, your responsibility is to gather the pilgrims who will go on your tour or pilgrimage. Then, you serve as the spiritual leader for the group. By gathering the people and serving as the spiritual leader, you earn your free trip.

How do I gather the people?

Trinity World Tours can help you by printing an attractive, color promotional brochure with a registration form. We also have extensive experience in helping churches and groups successfully promote their trip. We can help you write bulletin announcements, plan meetings, etceteras.

How much ‘lead time’ do I need in planning a trip?

We recommend 9 months as minimum lead-time - that is, from the time you announce your trip until the date of departure. Pilgrims will need that much time to plan their calendars and their budgets. That means you need to start planning with us about 10-11 months before your proposed departure date so that we can have your brochure ready for you 9-months before your departure.

What is the average length of a trip?

Average trip length is 10-14 day to Europe or to Israel, though trips can range anywhere from 6 days (usually to Mexico) to up to 3-weeks for multi-country European itineraries.

What is the average cost of a trip?

For European or Bible Land trips, the average cost is from $1800 to $2500, depending on the time of year, city of departure, number of days in the trip and the number of people in the group.

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